Saturday, July 5, 2008

C25K Day 1!

So I know it may seem like ive been on hiatus again but I promise I havent, my hunnie just happened to take the internet with him when he went to work this week (we have one of those USB port ones that we share between our two computers)

So the last week has gone okish... but today I was being lazy watching tv and I noticed a nice breeze and I decided to get off my ass and actually do my first couch to 5k work out. Duke even got to come with me :) It was very worth it, I am glad I made the decision to get up and get out there.

My thoughts on it so far... it wasnt too difficult, I figured it would be tough. I was out of breath at first but I just kept breathing and working through it, I did feel the muscles in my thighs by the time I finished up but nothing unbearable. I very well think that this program will be doable.... just have to see how difficult it gets but the great thing is if its too hard I can do-over a particular week.

So overall day one of C25K is a success!