Tuesday, June 24, 2008

WI and update

So I didnt update yesterday because I didnt go online after work. WI showed me as down 1 pound (GRRRRR I was looking forward to seeing 181!!) So I was showing 183 but this morning when I weighed it was showing 181 again (I took 183 becuase it was still down one pound!) But for sure next week I *hope* I will be out of the 180s.

Yesterday's Menu:

FF yogurt - 2 points

Booster juice smoothie - 8 points

11 points - casserole

Todays is pretty much the same thing but so far Ive only had a smoothie. I have left overs from that casserole in the fridge waiting for me when I get home. I will probably have a yogurt and fruit as well.

In C25K news - its been raining since sunday I am so disappointed. Too bad I didnt have a tread mill (sigh)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's raining, It's pouring

Well as you can tell by my title, it decided to rain today. I am all but impressed! I was really hoping to start my running today. The only reason why I am not going out in the rain is because (as some of you may know) I live in an area where we have all of 2 paved streets in the town. Thus rain = mud = messy = not ruining my new shoes on the first day.

So instead I am going to have to switch things around! I am going to do my 20 min basic pilates DVD and maybe go on my gazelle (gag... i hate that thing its soooo painfully boring!!) But I will get some AP in this afternoon.

I also have to clean some more. I ended up not doing anything yesterday in terms of house work *oops* heheh.

I have planned what im having for supper so I can already put my menu up for the day :)

FF blueberry yogurt - 2 points

Subway (again im an addict)
Foot long Turkey with mustard - 12 points

1 Serving Campbell's Cheesy chicken and rice casserole - 8 points (yum)

Total: 22 points
If I find myself really hungry after supper I still have 3 points left for a snack plus whatever I earn for AP today. Worst case scenario I can make a big yummy salad for a very low amount of points (depending if I put dressing or not)

My exciting news for the day I did go to town and got myself a Timex watch. As you probably figured out I am doing my C25K outside so I need some way to track my time. I got a Timex because it has a stopwatch/timer feature and will beep at particular increments so I will know when to start running/ walking again! Its black and pink :) It also has a pulse feature so im pretty excited about that too because it was only 40 dollars!!

WI tomorrow (actually excited for this one!)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wonderful day

So I put on my new shoes today and have been wearing them around the house to help break them in. I am seriously going to do workout number 1 of C25K tomorrow. I figure my workout week is going to look like this:

Sunday - C25K + 20 minute walk
Monday - Pilates
Tuesday - C25K + 20 minute walk
Wednesday - Pilates
Thursday - C25K + 20 minute walk
Friday - Stability ball
Saturday - Day off

This week I work evening shifts as well as the weekend. I have a hard time with the turn around between working Thursday night and having to be in for Friday morning so if I do C25K Sunday Tuesday and Thursday I will be done for the week and Friday after work I can just do my stability ball routine to have an easy end to my workout week.

Today's eating and activity was great:

FF Yogurt - 2 points
1 Banana - 1.5 points

Stouffers Turkey Dinner (tv dinner) - 5 Points

Cheeseburger - 14 points (needless to say once they are gone I am looking into the vegetarian burgers from M&M's because they are low point!)
Fries - 4 Points

Total: 27.5 points

Stability Ball dvd - 1 AP
20 Mins walking dogs - 1 AP (very leisurely)
10 mins stair stepper - 1 AP

Total: 3 AP

I have also had 2 liters of water so far today :)
WI is in two more days... as of this morning I appear to be down about 1.5 pounds. Looking forward to tomorrow :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm happy, Hope youre happy too!

What a great day today (see told you it would be)
The sky is looking a little bit stormy right now so we might have a thunderstorm today(I hope the hell not the roommates dog scratched at my door last night cus of a thunder storm... when i got up this morning she had actually managed to remove a CHUNK of wood from the door frame ...its at least 15 inches long and 1 inch wide at its largest point! Not a nice way to wake up in the middle of the night when you are scared of thunderstorms and have your own dog to comfort)

Otherwise today I went and paid for the tv stand got some new sneakers (WOOT! I am super psyched now!) and since I could literally eat subway everyday I got a foot long sub to eat for breakfast and lunch LOL

6 inch turkey sub - 6 points

6 Inch turkey sub - 6 points

HUGE salad with a little bit of vinegrette and chicken - 3 points
Low Fat french fries - 6 points

Hot chocolate - 1 point
2 small bananas - 2 points
1 WW bagel - 2 points
Peanut butter = 2 points.

Total:28 points

So I used 3 flex points today but mmm PB and bananas on a toasted bagel... sooo worth it to go over my daily total by a few points.

I spent the rest of my day cleaning. I vacuumed then steam cleaned the carpets in the hallway and living room, vacuumed/cleaned out the car and truck, dusted, did a little laundry, washed down the walls in my living room. I walked the dogs then I started having some down time.

Tomorrow is laundry, steam cleaning the carpet in the bedroom, moving furniture around to clean the carpets under them and I might do my first c2k5 work out becuase I am very excited about it now that I have new sneakers (they are super pretty blue and white) they even have reflectors on the back for if i was ever running in the dark (which I wouldnt around here... too many wild animals in this area) But still... i have reflectors hahah

Thursday, June 19, 2008

MMM milkshake

Today was crazy busy because of the sale... I feel kind of bad for my coworker because shes stuck working the weekend alone and its going to be INSANE!! But I really could stand the weekend off.

Today I feel very satisfied in terms of hunger.

Booster Juice "Very Berry" smoothie - 7 points

French Fries - 5 points
Big sandwich - 6.5 points

Total - 18.5

So I have 6.5 points left. I am surprised that ive not been starving all day because I missed breakfast. I decided to sleep in till 6 this morning (normally I leave my house by 6!) So I didnt have time to pack anything into my purse to bring with me for my drive.

When I got home I emptied all of the garbage out of my car and my sweeties truck. I also cleaned the surfaces in the truck (dash windows etc) and I plan to vacuum the truck and my car out tomorrow. My car is soooooooo filthy!!

Tomorrow I am going to do some shopping. I have to cash my cheque, pay off whats left oweing on our new tv stand arrange a day to pick that up, get a new pair of sneakers (for starting C25K... my roommates dog pooped in mine, I threw them out!) I really should tell roommie that I want him to pay for my new shoes ... anyway regardless I am going to have a great day tomorrow! I have decided its going to be awesome :)

To use the last of my points today I think I may make a chocolate milkshake :) Its times like these when I am happy mom bought me a magic bullet blender thing for christmas LOL

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Busy Day

Oi Today was such a busy day at work. I am very proud of myself for taking Duke for a small walk just now. I got home and didnt expect to leave the house again but I promised Duke this morning we would walk when I got home so after I made myself some supper then did dishes we went for our walk.

So I have had a good OP day so far:

1.5 cups of honey nut cheerios - 4 points

Booster juice "Strawberry Sunshine" Smoothie - 7 Points

Sandwich - 6.5 points.

Total: 17.5 points.

So ive got 7.5 points left for the day. Its only 7:30 right now so I will probably have a snack before bed. I bought some bananas today so maybe I will have some FF yogurt with a banana or something. I also have some WW bagels and cottage cheese that need to be eaten as well.

I have also had 1000 ml's of water today so I want to try to manage to guzzle down another 500 mls before bed

My Exciting news for the day. My new tv stand arrived at the furniture store yesterday... I got paid today so I am going to pay the rest of it off on Friday and schedule a day to go get it (cant go until my sweetie comes back from work).

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Practice week

So I am thinking this week is going to be my intro to being back on track.

Not that I plan on going over my points or anything but I am trying to make sure that I track, drink my water, get my AP's, make good choices and plan! I dont want to be too hard on myself but I need to get back into the swing of things and I think giving myself a week to "get used to it" before I get too hard on myself if I

Next week I am going to count as week one back OP (even though im going to be OP this week... )

But anyway here is what I have had for food today. I am allowed 25 points per day.


6 inch turkey sub from subway (with cheese) - 6 points


Hamburger with cheese,ketchup and mustard - 12 points

Cheese and crackers - 3 points
FF yogurt - 1 point

Which puts me up to 22 points so far today. Ive also had 1000ml's of water so far... I plan on getting another 1000 in before the day is out.

In an effort to save money I am going to start packing lunches to take to work. something really great is that ive learned to actually like mustard so I will save points by bringing sandwiches without mayo!

I am not sure what im going to do for activity today but I plan on doing something before bed tonight!
Today has been a success!

Monday, June 16, 2008

My bright idea

So last night just after I posted I had an amazing idea.
if I can do this running thing, i mean really do it and learn to run and stick to it... if each week that I completed the workouts for the C2K5 I put say... 10 dollars into a jar if it only took the 9 weeks to finish the program thats 90 dollars I would have saved up.

If there were a few weeks that I have to repeat in order to not feel like im pushing myself too hard then that would be even more money. My bright idea is use this money I save up to buy a really great pair of running shoes as a gift to myself. This will be a big accomplishment for me and I think it is definitely worthy of a reward!

WI today showed me down 3 pounds from last week (uggh i went back up to 187 last week) so im at 184 today... im really hoping this exercise and PLANNING that I am doing will get me over this hump. I want to get to goal by christmas so I am going to have to do the work to get there.

I dont remember who it is on the ww boards but in their siggy they have "if you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got" and this is so true. I need to step things up a notch and I know that I can do it. I just have to plan well. I did go to the grocery store today and picked up a variety of low point foods so we will see how this week goes.

Lastly for this post, I am going to try to start updating everyday and putting my food log on my blog. It helps give me the accountability!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

One day off is not enough!

Well it has been about 2 weeks since Ive updated but everybody probably knows what Ive been up to - the usual!

Work has been going well but I am just exhausted this week. Today is my one day off so I slept in until about 9, got up and walked my puppy for about an hour. When we returned home I did the dishes, scrubbed the bathroom and started some laundry. I am hoping to get some energy to do a bit more house work before the day is done.

My sweetie goes back to work tomorrow after being rained out for a week so I need to make sure the laundry gets finished so I can help him pack his bag.

I work 730-430 shifts this week. It is due to be my long weekend this weekend coming however its a big sale at work and I might have to work Friday Saturday and Sunday... if this is the case its another 20 hours or so but I am just exhausted, I could really stand a good weekend off. When I go to the bank to discuss my loans I am thinking of opening another account just to put money in as a savings account... if I can save some money while paying off my bills things will be golden.

Now weight update. I am still hovering around the same mark... I fluctuate between the same 3 pounds right now. I seriously think my body is trying to tell me now that I need to start working on my fitness. So my goal for the next few weeks is try to get some sort of fitness routine going. I think that if I am burning some extra calories it will be the boost my body needs to start dropping the weight again.

Even so, just starting to exercise will help my body because I will be able to tone up. Some of my body parts such as my arms are just a little bit droopy but I know exercise will help that.

So my big idea is... I want to learn to run. I have never been able to run ever in my life. Lots of people on the WW boards have said wonderful things about the couch to 5k program (http://www.c25k.com/) and I seriously think it would be a good thing to try. If I can just get out there and do it I can guarantee great things will happen to my body!! I hope that I can bring duke with me when I learn to run so he can learn to run next to me. This way he gets some exercise too :)

The other thing I need to get back into is my pilates. I love it! It is very relaxing and it is also something that can do great things for ones body. So I need some encouragement guys!! I need to get serious about this because ive got 45 pounds to go and I want to get there by christmas time!! Lets do it!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Simplicity at its best

I rediscovered something last night - How much i really enjoy a mixed salad with ranch dressing.

Tonight for 6 points I am having a HUGE bowl of salad made up of:

Romaine Lettuce
Green and red peppers
Shredded cheese
and low cal ranch dressing.

All I can say is YUM! It has made for a very enjoyable meal. I have quite a few points left over today so if I am hungry for a snack later I may make some nachos :) All OP of course!

I didnt get online yesterday to update but it was WI day and I was down 1 pound woowhoo. I am well on my way to achieving my birthday goal weight.

I am sitting at 152 days pop free! How nutty is that? Pretty incredible I think... I am about 5 weeks away from the 6 month mark (july first will be 6 full months) I am just amazed with myself.

So goals for this week, keep walking the dogs everyday, stay within my points and count every bite and just take care of myself :)