Friday, March 21, 2008

WI (early)

Ok all so I decided to WI today before I leave for NS because I am not bringing my scale with me (how neurotic would that be?!).

So WI today 181!! I am only supposed to Wi on monday but oh well.

Wooowoo thats 54.5 lbs. only 45.5 to go.

I am going to be gone until april 15th so i think that I will just WI on the following monday as I normally would. I just dont want to start using somebody elses scale. So today is the 21 ...the monday after I return will be the 21 so lets aim for 10 pounds while im gone. I know I am going to get a tonne of activity in becuase I will be out and about alot with my friends and family and of course my puppy.

So if i am lucky my next weight update will be showing me around 170 *crosses fingers*

I will post most likely satruday afteroon or sunday morning to let you all know I got home safe

till then

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Its a big week

Hi everybody.

I know I havent really been around lately but here I am with an update.

My cousin passed away on sunday, so I will be flying back home this weekend. It is one of those amazingly bitter sweet situations. I am so excited to be able to go home and spend a few weeks with my family and friends (who I have not seen for almost a year) but the reason why I am going home in the first place is so sad.

Just from what has happened in my life in the past 5 years ... I know that I am allowed to be sad but I cannot let myself get into that horrible depressed state that I get into when things get tough. I am going to go home and spend time with my family because we need to (and should be together) right now and at the same time I am going to live my life to the fullest. I already have plans with my best friend for the day after I arrive home... our tradition, a sub from subway and the newest episode of "The L Word" (so for all of you L word fans who are reading do not forget Sunday night SEASON 5 FINALE!!) It will be so nice to have some of those little things that I cannot have here in Alberta. I have so many people who want to see me, I plan on making time for all of them.

I am very excited that an old friend who i had lost touch with for years will be home this weekend so I will get to see her... it will be amazing shes since had a baby and is engaged and all that wonderful stuff... I cant wait.

As for weight loss and being home... there are lots and lots of foods that I can get on the east coast that I cannot here. For example:

-Fresh Atlantic Ocean fish (YES normally I would eat it deep fried but I am going to be a good girl and bake it ...I am still eating it with tartar sauce though!! no ifs ands or buts LOL)

-A real donair with the good sauce - I know they have donairs everywhere but none are as good as home (to me at least) ... since donair meat makes me sick from being so spicy I wont be eating lots of this... one will be enough

-Rappie pie - Nuff said...

These things among many many others will be very tempting while I am home. But i have a plan

Duke is coming home with me so we will be going to the BEACH... yes the beach that is next to THE OCEAN (can you tell im excited) for walks... that is our place and I have missed it so much... just weeks ago i was crying because i wanted to go to the long as I can secure a vehicle we will probably walk on the beach everyday... if not we will walk around town everyday for sure and also mom has a treadmill so I will be able to exercise at home as well.

SO between the bad food I know I will eat, and the good exercise i am sure to get... it shoudl be ok... I am bringing all of my WW materials with me because I want this to be a successful trip home... I WILL NOT come back to Alberta heavier than I am the day I leave (I will seriously weigh myself on friday before I leave!!) I dont like to WI on anything but my scale but I am not being so psychotic as to bring it with me LOL so I will be watching very carefully what I eat and my activity etc.

I will be taking lots of pictures (which I was slack about sorry) while I am hanging out with my family and friends SO there should be update photos of me looking good in my street clothes soon!

OH and I also booked an appointment with my hair dresser back home for a cut (I know it was to be my reward for reaching 158 pounds but I trust her with my hair!! so you will all get to see the better side of me YAY)

Until next time !

(I will post the first chance I get when I get home so everybody knows im safe!)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I swear I havent been neglecting my blog I have just been busy AND lacking the internet.

Quick update, still losing down to 183 as of last week. I put on an outfit I havent worn in a few weeks and its bigger, im excited about that! WI tomorrow!

I am so sick and tired of my job as pretty much everybody knows so today was the day - I left my house at 9am with 40 resumes and drove to town and passed them out. I got a job offer within an hour but turned it down because the idiot did not understand the concept of "Will not work nights" (the girl who accepted my resume wrote in block letters right on it that I would not work nights!) To make it clear I explained to the silly man that if I loved working nights that much, I wouldnt be looking for a new job in the first place!

Um other than that, just life... I can walk outside again because its spring and the ice and snow is all melted off the roads, now I only have to deal with mud (with all the stains on the carpet from dukes belly I am *almost* starting to like the idea of snow and ice more because a wet tumm tumm is better than a wet and muddy tumm tumm all over mommys white carpet...and bed!)

So yes I shall update tomorrow possibly if I have any important news (such as if I get a job! haha)

Till next time