Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gross realization

Today was WI and look at me go, I STS AGAIN this week FFS! If I have hit a plateau already I will be so upset! I know that I cannot lose weight if I dont exercise but I have been and staying OP! So I am giving it one more week before I try extra exercise or start eating my flex or something!

The menu today:
Honey Nut Cheerios (2pts)
Green Tea (0pts)
2 hamburgers (lean ground beef) 3oz's each (8 pts)
served on 2 portobello caps (0pts)
2 slices cheese (2 pts)
Big Salad no dressing (0pts)
1 bowl chili (5 pts)
1 Activia yogurt (2pts)
12 almonds (2pts)

I still have 3 pts for the day I am going to try really hard to make sure to get them in.

Tonight as I was going through the pantry putting some things away I saw a container of Crisco... and I can recall when I was a little kid (i'm talking no more than 8?!) that I used to eat shortening right out of the container... and I wonder why I got fat? How messed up and disgusting is that?!

Activity today will be after L goes to bed:
30 mins cardio (2 pts)
20 mins shred (4pts)

Friday, October 23, 2009

L's new snow suit

Just because hes so cute and I love love love this snow suit :

You cant see them but the little hood has ears and there is a teeny tiny little tail on the bum! So cute!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Well, I had planned on going shopping today but looks like I will have to do it tomorrow... spent the whole day with L's grandparents on his daddy's side! AND we got to hang out with my other baby boy Mister Duke! It was awesome! Duke gave L a whole bunch of kisses (hes not so good with kids and he only ever kisses me and C so it was a big deal that he was really good with L)

Eating went great today:

All Bran Bar (2pts) ... wasnt that hungry
Spaghetti leftovers (6 pts)
1 cup 1% milk (2pts)
Lean cuisine chicken carbonara (6pts)
Steamed Veggies (0pts)

I still have 8 points left but ive not really felt hungry! I do plan on having a snack before I call it a night.

I also still need to do some exercise for the day (the visiting was so good that I can forgive myself for not getting in a whole bunch of AP's today)

Otherwise its been a great day :)
I plan on watching a movie before bed and hopefully seeing my BFF tomorrow :)
Good Night everybody!
Till next time


Friday, October 16, 2009

Can I just get liposuction instead?

Seriously?! Lipo... anyone?! I am still 100% OP today but I am just having one of those "gee wouldnt it be nice to just be thin like yesterday" days! I hate when I get frustrated in my head!

Protein Shake (5pts)
Protein Shake (5pts)
Havent really decided yet... I have 12 points to play around with
1 cup pineapple with cool whip (2pts)

AP: 30 day shred, 1 hour on treadmill = 8AP

On a positive note, where today is the half way point between starting the shred and when I will post my results I tried on my target outfit for the month. I know its a tad bit silly seeing as its only one month but I figured you never know it may suck me in enough to go down a size and/or fit into some clothes that I am still trying to get back into. So I put on a pair of size 11 pants today. The only thing is they have stretch in them... I got them on, they fit but I dont wear clothes with stretch ever so who knows if they are more like a size 12 or not?! But all of my regular dress pants fit a lot looser than they have been so its possible that in the next 14 days I will fit those quite well.

The true test will be squeezing into this skirt that I have... it is a size 11 and I know it really *is* an 11 because its denim. I bought it probably 8 or 9 years ago and it was too tight to even wear it then its just I was too ashamed and embarrassed to have to say I need the next size up! For now my target is to wear those dress pants comfortably by the end of the month. I know I probably wont even wear that skirt when it does fit but I will be taking a picture in it because it will be a big deal to me to fit into it.

The top I tried on today is one that I bought a few years ago... its a large and it did fit when I bought it! Now I am just trying to get back into it. I still have a little ways to go for it to fit nicely, but I will try it on again in 2 weeks to see how i'm doing.

Not planning on being too busy for the rest of the day. L is taking a nap right now, we cleaned most of the house this morning, I am just finishing up some laundry and when he wakes up will make our beds etc. Tomorrow we are going to visit his grammy and grampy and possibly will go shopping. I checked the flyers and Walmart has formula on for half price so I will be stocking up! I will also be needing groceries. I am thinking of possibly making chili this week but I will make a list tonight :)

Thats it for now. Till next time

Thursday, October 15, 2009

30 Day Shred - Day 15 & WI results

So its been a few days since ive had a chance to write! Ive still been doing well. I am somewhat bummed about yesterdays WI, I was a STS. But the way I see it is, I have probably gained some muscle (I know I have I am so much stronger than before) and it was thanksgiving (still counted my points but used AP AND flex which I never really do) so I will take it over a gain!

As for the shred. O.M.G. I am so glad that I didnt watch level 2 until the morning of day 11( I was going to do level 2 that night) and let me tell you it scared the hell out of me, so imagine if I watched it on day one haha. Anywho it is very tough!!! I am still waking up sore every morning but it feels so good!

Today's menu:
1 cup strawberries & 4 TBSP's cool whip (2pts)
1 cup WW spaghetti (3pts)
1/2 cup pasta sauce (2pts)
2 cups steamed veggies (0pts)
1 cup 1% milk (2pts)
I have some chicken in the freezer that needs to be used up, I think I may have a panini! I also plan to get in that second glass of milk!
Yogurt (2pts)

So last night I bundled baby L all up and we went shopping. I needed to get him some formula but picked up the cutest snowsuit for him! Its chocolate brown and blue and has baby tigger on it. It has a little tail and ears on the hood (so cute!)

But I felt kind of like an ass hole while I was out. I dont know why this happened, being overweight I find I have a little bit more understanding and lack of judgement towards people who are over weight... but it is like every single person I walked by who was overweight, I noticed! Like REALLY noticed! I didnt look at them and think anything rude, but I dont understand why I was thinking to myself, things like "wow that person is so big". Am I becoming a stuck up skinny bitch? I sure as hell hope not! I have never really had this happen to me before? I dont know maybe I am just more aware of myself and I wish that I could help everybody lose weight and be healthy and happy or something?! I have no clue! I just know that being over weight makes me so unhappy and I can only imagine how people much larger than me must feel. I mean I am only a size 12 I know it could be so much worse but I know how unhappy I am even in a 12... I know there are people out there who would do just about anything to fit into a 12! Ok I am ranting now

Hopefully I will be back tomorrow, L has been having a really bad week so it is hard to get on the computer to update! Haven't forgotten about you guys though!
Till next time

Saturday, October 10, 2009

30 Day Shred - Day 10

So today is the last day on level 1 of my Shred. I am looking forward to trying something more challenging. My body hasnt 100% adapted to Level 1 but I feel if I move on now and push my body harder it will only yield better results!

Ive already had breakfast - oatmeal and 1 cup of 1% milk (5pts)

I havent planned out the rest of my day yet but tomorrow and monday I will have to plan well as I am invited to my cousins place for turkey tomorrow, and monday with my mom. I am not very worried. I am content with not having dessert! I like to avoid using my flex points and activity points but at least with activity I know ive at least earned them. I just want to be super careful because I really want to hit my 10% this week.

I am one of those people who cant keep herself off the scale! Yesterday I was already showing myself down half a pound so I only have 1.6 pounds to go!

Well I must be off, its time to tidy up the house and get on with my saturday!
Till next time

Friday, October 9, 2009

30 day shred - day 9

So today has been an excellent day. L has been so good that I got to go back to sleep not once but twice this morning hahaha! He is enjoying play time in his swing while I write this and wait for my supper to finish cooking.

Wont get to my workout until later this evening. Helene left a comment on yesterdays post asking what I count my AP's for the shred as. I count it as high intensity because I push myself really hard to work up a sweat and according to Weight Watchers if you start sweating in 3 to 5 minutes its high intensity! Last nights work out was really good, I got through the whole thing without stopping (sometimes I will skip the last few lunges or push ups etc) but yesterday I did it all!

I also plan on doing 30 mins of another cardio video I have tonight for an additional 2 AP so todays activity will put me in at 6!

Todays Menu:
2 oranges (2pts)
2 Meatloaf muffins (4pts)
1/2 cup brown rice (2pts)
Steamed Veggies (0pts)
1 cup 1% milk (2pts)
1 all bran bar (chocolate chip) (2pts)
1 pita pizza with chicken, lots of veggies and feta cheese (9.5 pts)

That puts me at 21 pts for the day. I still have 3 left over but probably will not eat them.
I usually dont ever touch my AP or Flex points unless I am starving! But I do make the effort to try to eat my daily points. I wont over eat if I am just not hungry!

I also tried on an old pair of gym pants today and all I can say is *whistle* my butt looks super hot! I can definitely see a huge difference in my stomach, bum and thighs just from a little over a week of doing the shred!

Well, it is supper time so thats it for now!
Till next time