Thursday, October 1, 2009

30 Day Shred - Day 1

I know it is some what early to be posting today but I plan on going to bed early tonight and since Mister L is taking a nap I've decided to just post now.

Well Day 1 of the shred ... not nearly as bad as I expected it to be... in ways. I have read lots of reviews and most people said that this dvd would kick my ass, that you will be pouring buckets of sweat and you will be so sore you cant move.

I will break it down the way I experienced it:

Warm up.... not so bad... for about 30 seconds then I start sweating... awesome that means I am starting to burn up some calories.

Moving on to the actual workout it is set up in a 3-2-1 pattern, 3 mins of strength training, 2 mins of cardio then 1 min of abs. This pattern is repeated three times. First exercise, push ups! I had to do girlie push ups (any of those who know me, know that I definitely lack in the upper body strength department) but I managed to get through them. After the push ups I felt like I could easily stop right there, my arms were about ready to give out.

One thing that is great about this dvd is that Jillian constantly reminds you not to take breaks and if you do no more than 5... that's right FIVE seconds! So I move into the next exercise.

When it came to the exercises that involved hand weights I thought maybe mine were a bit too light (again I have no arm strength and my weights are 2 pounds) by the end of the dvd they felt like they weighed 25 pounds! I could barely lift them the whole way up! (There is one girl in the video that is doing the modified beginner version of the exercises so that is also a plus).

Second set, wasn't too bad. I was feeling the burning in my muscles and was breathing very heavily. I had to take very quick breaks in between exercises to drink some water but I didn't actually stop other than that.

By the time the video got to the third set I actually said out loud "I hate you so much right now!" I was definitely feeling it! However, I made it through the whole workout without any major *I need to sit down* breaks.

After the workout my arms were killing me, I took a shower immediately afterwards and I could barely lift my arms to shampoo my hair! I did my workout at 9am, and its now 4:15pm, my arms no longer hurt but I can definitely feel my thighs! We will have to wait until tomorrow to see if I feel more sore. Ive seen reviews where people say the next day it hurts way worse. I was a little concerned about arm pain because I have a 3 month old son who still needs to be lugged around often but it hasn't been that bad!

At this point my recommendations to anybody who reads this:

  • Have a HUGE bottle of water next to your mat (I drank 1.5 L's of water in 20 mins I was so hot and sweaty).
  • Make sure you can take a shower after you do this, you WILL be sweaty even if you only do the exercises half assed!

I am thinking I will do my workout every morning around 9am. That worked very well for me today, L was good enough to sit in his bouncy chair for the 45 minutes it took for me to exercise, shower and get ready for the day.

As for being OP, here is my menu for today:
Protein Shake (5pts)
Protein Shake (5pts)
2.5 "Meatloaf Muffins" (5pts)
3 cups steamed veggies (0pts)
Haven't decided yet, but where I have had an early supper I will be hungry later in the evening and I till have quite a few points that need to be eaten. I am thinking I may have nachos (I bought baked nacho chips, low fat cheese and fat free sour cream, so I could make it into a semi healthy snack by adding lots of veggies on top.)

I was hoping along with doing the shred that I would still get in my usual hour of cardio everyday, but today its been kind of gloomy so I didn't take L for a walk. I also whipped up a big batch of meat loaf muffins this afternoon so I could freeze them. I will be doing some form of cardio activity this evening. I may try to get on the treadmill or I may do one of my cardio dvd's. But so far I have earned 4AP.

Day 2 of the shred tomorrow!
Till then

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