Friday, October 9, 2009

30 day shred - day 9

So today has been an excellent day. L has been so good that I got to go back to sleep not once but twice this morning hahaha! He is enjoying play time in his swing while I write this and wait for my supper to finish cooking.

Wont get to my workout until later this evening. Helene left a comment on yesterdays post asking what I count my AP's for the shred as. I count it as high intensity because I push myself really hard to work up a sweat and according to Weight Watchers if you start sweating in 3 to 5 minutes its high intensity! Last nights work out was really good, I got through the whole thing without stopping (sometimes I will skip the last few lunges or push ups etc) but yesterday I did it all!

I also plan on doing 30 mins of another cardio video I have tonight for an additional 2 AP so todays activity will put me in at 6!

Todays Menu:
2 oranges (2pts)
2 Meatloaf muffins (4pts)
1/2 cup brown rice (2pts)
Steamed Veggies (0pts)
1 cup 1% milk (2pts)
1 all bran bar (chocolate chip) (2pts)
1 pita pizza with chicken, lots of veggies and feta cheese (9.5 pts)

That puts me at 21 pts for the day. I still have 3 left over but probably will not eat them.
I usually dont ever touch my AP or Flex points unless I am starving! But I do make the effort to try to eat my daily points. I wont over eat if I am just not hungry!

I also tried on an old pair of gym pants today and all I can say is *whistle* my butt looks super hot! I can definitely see a huge difference in my stomach, bum and thighs just from a little over a week of doing the shred!

Well, it is supper time so thats it for now!
Till next time

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