Friday, October 16, 2009

Can I just get liposuction instead?

Seriously?! Lipo... anyone?! I am still 100% OP today but I am just having one of those "gee wouldnt it be nice to just be thin like yesterday" days! I hate when I get frustrated in my head!

Protein Shake (5pts)
Protein Shake (5pts)
Havent really decided yet... I have 12 points to play around with
1 cup pineapple with cool whip (2pts)

AP: 30 day shred, 1 hour on treadmill = 8AP

On a positive note, where today is the half way point between starting the shred and when I will post my results I tried on my target outfit for the month. I know its a tad bit silly seeing as its only one month but I figured you never know it may suck me in enough to go down a size and/or fit into some clothes that I am still trying to get back into. So I put on a pair of size 11 pants today. The only thing is they have stretch in them... I got them on, they fit but I dont wear clothes with stretch ever so who knows if they are more like a size 12 or not?! But all of my regular dress pants fit a lot looser than they have been so its possible that in the next 14 days I will fit those quite well.

The true test will be squeezing into this skirt that I have... it is a size 11 and I know it really *is* an 11 because its denim. I bought it probably 8 or 9 years ago and it was too tight to even wear it then its just I was too ashamed and embarrassed to have to say I need the next size up! For now my target is to wear those dress pants comfortably by the end of the month. I know I probably wont even wear that skirt when it does fit but I will be taking a picture in it because it will be a big deal to me to fit into it.

The top I tried on today is one that I bought a few years ago... its a large and it did fit when I bought it! Now I am just trying to get back into it. I still have a little ways to go for it to fit nicely, but I will try it on again in 2 weeks to see how i'm doing.

Not planning on being too busy for the rest of the day. L is taking a nap right now, we cleaned most of the house this morning, I am just finishing up some laundry and when he wakes up will make our beds etc. Tomorrow we are going to visit his grammy and grampy and possibly will go shopping. I checked the flyers and Walmart has formula on for half price so I will be stocking up! I will also be needing groceries. I am thinking of possibly making chili this week but I will make a list tonight :)

Thats it for now. Till next time

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Vanessa said...

I always thought 11 and 12 were *pretty much* the same size? There are a lot of clothes sized as "11/12" or "9/10" etc etc.

Obviously I was mistaken lol