Wednesday, October 7, 2009


So WI was this morning, down 2.1 lbs since last week bringing me to a grand total of 19.4 pounds lost! I can really see my neck is getting slimmer and my collar bone that I lost during pregnancy is coming back :)

I did day 6 of the shred last night. Overall its getting easy enough that I somewhat feel I should move to the next level but there are 2 moves that absolutely kill me. PUSHUPS why the hell cant I make it through pushups damn it? Then there is also this side lunge with shoulder raises holy smokes that one kills the front of my shoulders! But I am waking up the next day not feeling any serious pain like days 1 2 and 3!

Today I plan on doing day 7 of the shred, 30 to 60 mins of cardio (its raining out so it will probably be treadmill) and I wont count it but I need to go shopping today so I will be walking around the grocery store and walmart a little later. The way I see it is so long as my butt is off the couch and moving, the longer the better even if I dont count the AP.

Well I better stop writing for now and go tend to my child!
Till next time

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Hello! said...

Congrats on the weight loss!
What is this 30 day shred? I see a lot of people on WW talking about it? Thinking I may have to try this??