Friday, October 2, 2009

30 Day Shred - Day 2

Well I had an interesting morning. Through the evening last night I felt my thighs burning a little bit. This morning I woke up with my thighs on fire, one calf was sore, my lats were sore, and one ass cheek.... haha apparently when I just sit around on my butt all day I only do it on one side?!

The workout was not so bad today. I cannot do pushups to save my life, even the girlie ones are too hard but I still did them! I just had to go way slower than the dvd. Again by the end of it my arms are so sore that I could barely shampoo my hair but I feel great knowing that I am making the effort to finally get in shape and be healthy.

Todays meal plan:

Protein Shake (5pts)
Protein Shake (5pts)
(I should be pretty much done with this container of milk after this hahah thank god)
2 "meatloaf muffins" (4 pts)
Pasta sauce (1pts)
1 cup whole wheat pasta (3pts)
Probably popcorn, ive been wanting it for days!

If the weather clears up this afternoon I will be taking L for a walk outside for some fresh air, if not I am going to hit up the treadmill for at least a half an hour. So far Ive earned 4AP, a half hour of walking will be another 2 if I do a full hour, another 4!

Thats it for today! Till next time

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