Friday, May 30, 2008

"New" clothes

Ok So this one is going to be short!

Ive been keeping very busy this week as its my week to work 56 hours. Add the 2 hours a day of driving to and from work to that 56 hours and that puts me at 68 hours of time from my week I've had to put in. So im pretty tired.

Anyway I did something fun this past weekend, I cleaned out my closet. I know it doesnt sound fun but when you are losing weight and have held on to "skinny" clothes because you swore to fit into them again its lots of fun

I will have to take some update photos in some of my "skinnier" clothes.

From the looks of the scale I am down about 3 pounds so we will see how it goes on monday!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Long Weekend

All I have to say is hooray for my new job and long weekends. I am so tired today!! I am going back to bed shortly. I was hoping it wouldnt rain this weekend as I wanted to start working on my fitness (have we seen a common theme here yet? yeah thats right im lazy and exercise can be tough for me to stick to)

I dont like taking the puppy for walks when its raining because there are no paved streets so we both get covered in mud! But he sleeps on my couch and my bed so him being muddy is no good!

I dont really have that much to say, I lead a pretty boring life. I will update on monday when I wi

Monday, May 19, 2008

WI day

Down a half pound this week which is down 6.5 pounds this month so im doing ok. Hopefully I will have a big loss next week, small .5lbs ones are hard on my ego haha.

Also I just realized that I havent had a single drink of any kind pop for 140 days WOOWHOO!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hooray for long weekends

So I must say the number one perk of my new job is every other weekend I get Friday, Saturday and Sunday off. Basically I work 32 hours one week and 56 the next to balance it out and give me 88 hours per pay cheque. Its pretty awesome.

It has been a pretty relaxing weekend. I came home to my house and did a tonne of laundry and cleaned the house. Back to work tomorrow so I will be going back to Bella's tomorrow evening.

So in weight loss news I snuck a peak at the scale today and this week I appear to be down 2.5lbs... we will see how it goes tomorrow morning. I was thinking about things last night and I have really goofed off big time with the whole getting to goal situation. I was hoping to be at goal by my birthday this year but it is not reasonable. I cant lose 45 pounds by august - its not healthy. So I think I am going to alter my timeline a little bit and hope to hit goal by Christmas. There are 32 weeks until Christmas so that gives me more than enough time if I can stay OP to lose the last of my weight.

My birthday goal for this year instead is going to be to reach 160 lbs. That's 26 pounds and if I have 2 really good weeks that I lose more than 2 lbs those weeks I will be right where I am hoping to be.

Its funny, I've actually lost a fair amount of weight and kept it off (maintained) instead of gaining it all back (or losing more sadly but its ok I will get there) and I STILL find it hard to believe that I will ever get to goal.

Don't get me wrong I know that it is not impossible because clearly I have lost over 50 pounds but I just cannot picture myself at goal. I find myself more and more looking into the mirror and admiring how well I've done but I just cant picture the image of me looking into the mirror and seeing what I would look like at goal.

So I am hoping that come christmas time I will be able to report that I have reached goal and maintained my total loss.

WI tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Its offical

Well I am ofically skinny.

Since I have a professional job now and need to wear dressy clothes everyday I went to go shopping after work today for a few more dress shirts as I only had about 5. I was trying to find Reitmans and I knew there was one a few blocks from work. Well I saw the sign for Reitmans, pulled into the parking lot but I pulled into the wrong enterance. I drove passed Penningtons and I had an "A HA!" moment. I was thinking to myself well if I cannot find Reitmans I can try Penningtons! Then I had a HUGE "AHA" moment.. I cant wear size 14 anything anymore!! So seeing as I cannot fit into plus size clothes anymore and have no need for the speciality stores I am offcally skinny !! WOOWHOOO!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy News

So last friday I applied for a few jobs. One was a car dealership and the main reason I applied to it was because I knew where it was LMFAO I am not familiar with the north or east end of the city so I stuck to what I did know. They called me back on monday, asked for an interview with me on tuesday. I went in, got the job and started my first shift on tuesday afternoon! How cool is that?

I worked tues-fri this week... and so far i love my job, im already trained adn get to work on monday morning all by myself *ooo scary!!* haha. I actually did the majority of the work yesterday by myself anyway ( I was left to tend to the desk for like 5 hours by myself so clearly they trust that I can handle the job haha)

But overall it should be a good gig, the latest I would work (on evning shifts) is 9pm. Week one is days, week two is nights and I rotate back and forth, every second weekend I get a long weekend (the week I work days I finish on thursday and dont have to go back till monday at noon!)And there is also potential for me to move up with the company, which is really awesome because who wants a dead end job!

I took a sneak peek at the scale and it shows me as down 3.5 pounds this week, so hopefully on monday I will still be seeing the same number (or lower!)