Monday, January 28, 2008

WI day

It is monday so I jumped on my scale this morning. I am down 1.5lbs this week. Hooray! 4 more pounds until my Valentines day goal. I find it totally helps to give myself time frames and since valentines day is sorta a holiday I chose that... its easy to mark off the calendar by holidays!

Not much has been going on these past few days. We went over to a friends place to play pictionary last night. It was so much fun! I havent played it since I was a little girl. Neither had anybody else in the group.

Not really doing much today as its like -40 with the windchill and ... yeah I am NOT leaving my house!! Im sure you can all agree why I wouldnt want to and shouldnt hahaha

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Yay new old photos

So today I had a really shitty sleep. I ended up getting up and showered and sat on the couch with BFF for a while. He was on the computer and showed me some pics from when we vacationed in Jasper in July. Well there is one of me sitting on the bed in our hotel room and my god... I am SO FAT!!! I seriously said outloud "oh my god, look at me!?!". However I am making great progress so I dont need to worry about looking that fat anymore AND I can also use it as inspiration

So congrats boys and girls you get another picture of me in a "before like state" (becuase techincally this photo is "during" however the term "before like state" will suffice for any picture I post until i get to my goal weight hahaha)


There it is... all I can say is... WOW !

Anyway 2 more days until WI... I dont really have anything exciting to say other than Weight watchers rocks... I made burgers and fries for supper and it tasted awesome and I stayed OP so BAM take that!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Oops I just deleted EVERYTHING... on purpose!

Ok So I haven't updated my blog in such a long time I decided for the hell of it to delete everything and start fresh.
First of all I was on hiatus from WW and I restarted that and got back on track... so I was thinking if I restarted WW... why not restart my blog.

So instead of having this on the side I'm just gonna post it and update goals each weigh in I guess.

Loss to Date - 45 pounds
Started WW at 235.5 pounds - April 17Th 2007
10% reached June 5Th 2007
NO LONGER OBESE - July 17Th 2007
Onderland reached September 3 2007

Current goals
50% there/valentines day challenge - 4/9 lbs
Healthy Weight BMI (168lbs) - 4/26.5 lbs
Bday goal - 4/59.5 lbs
Labour of Love - 7.5/63.5lbs

So yeah I had rewards all picked out for when I met certain goals but things change and people become broke so for now I am just thinking them up as I go and i have decided since my purse decided to break on me (the zipper is busted) That when i hit 185lbs I will buy myself a new purse and wallet... I'm actually setting aside the money for it as I am brokeity broke broke!!

Also when I hit that point I will be down exactly 50 pounds and I shall take a new photo to add to my horrifying before photo collection so everybody can see how much better I look! Its kind of scary to think that the next time I go home to Nova Scotia I will probably be so thin that nobody will recognize me...but it will be awesome!

I am going to edit my previous photos i have posted to try to have like a side by side thing going between the 235 pound and 205 pound photos.. then when I hit 185 I will do a side by side comparison of the 235 and 185's for shits and giggles :D

There so much easier to see the before and during that way. I am sooo gonna do the same thing when i take my next update photos. So for now I am just going to leave this post at that and I guess I can try to make it a goal as well to actuallly update my blog!