Monday, April 28, 2008

A year in review

So I know it is a few days early but *happy 1 year anniversary* to me!

In the past year lots of crazy and exciting things have happened for me. The two big ones are that I got on track with Weight Watchers and lost over 50 pounds (although I could have easily made it to goal already if I could just REALLY stick to it hahah) and I moved pretty much the whole way across the country, away from my entire family and all of my friends to Alberta.

I have held a job for 10 months that I absolutely dispised by the end of it but I survived. I have a job interview lined up for tomorrow morning at a car dealership so that is very exciting (also exciting is the fact that I actually know how to drive in the city to said location LOL ...god I hate driving in Edmonton) So hopefully I will be able to report back with good news about that potential job. (I really hope I get it, I cannot even begin to describe how badly I want that job)

In the past year I have also been homeless... crazy I know but it happened for about a month!

I went home on a "vacation"... it wasnt truely meant to be a vacation as my cousin had passed away so it started out as a trip for a funeral but I had to make the best of times. Duke had his first (and hopefully LAST) trip on an airplane... it was more nerve wrecking for his mommy than it was for him.

I dont really have much else to say on this... other than for this next year coming I am hoping to a) get a new job, b) consolidate my bills (mom if you are reading this I have been thinking long and hard and I will be hitting up the bank as soon as I get my first pay stub!) c) try to pay off 50% of what I owe by next may (sounds crazy but I can live off of cheerios and salad if the need be LOL)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Week 1 back OP

So I did sign back up for etools this week and my typical WI day is monday so I figured today would be a good time to update since tomorrow will technically be week two.

First of all I must say I feel awesome becuase I have exercised 5 days this week... tonight I plan on getting an hour walk with with my cousin and my dog will come along.(so today would be day 6 of exercise). If I get my full one hour walk in I will have earned... THIRTY... thats right 30 activity points this week!! I am so proud of myself!!

I havent really sat down to figure out any sort of schedule this time around ive just been doing the activity. I think that I may just do a little something every single day for now but I know taking time to rest is important... I just dont want one day to turn into two to turn into three where I am just starting out! (I am out of shape but not so out of shape that I cannot walk for an hour a day)

Exciting thing number 2 is that my tae bo dvd is at my cousins house and since I am home I can pick it up and give that another try. The last time I tried it I was 235 and way too out of shape to do even 10 mins... so I think I might give it a go now that I am over 50 pounds lighter and a little more active than I was to begin with.

Thirdly, I am going at the plan as if I didnt know anything this time around, I check all my points values before I even start to prepare my meal and really think about if I am willing to use x amoutn of points on a particular thing. Its been helpful for keeping me OP.

So thats all for now, from the looks of my body the exercise is paying off but I wont know number wise how much weight ive lost till I get back to my scale (i refuse to WI on somebody elses!)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Long over due update

So It has been a few weeks since ive posted anything, mostly as I have been home and dont really have anything interesting to say. But, I do have some great news from the past few days that I just have to share.

1) I signed back up for etools and got back on track (no more eating whatever I want, the local food that I cant get in AB would have me 55 pounds heavier in no time if I didnt limit myself!!)
2) I baked up a storm over the last 2 weeks and I have decided that I have done enough baking so that will eliminate that temptation (althought I was very good and whatever I made I packaged it up and delivered it to friends and family to get it out of my house)
3) I have exercised for 3 days in a row and earned 18 AP this week so far!! This is my number one problem, sticking to an exercise plan on any sorts. So far this week I am kicking my own ass and intend to keep it up.

AND most importantly... I hit a new milestone with one of my personal goals. It is day 101 that I have not had any pop to drink!! how INCREDIBLE is that?

So overall I am feeling great! I dont have my own scale to weigh myself on which is making me sad but I am taking all the right steps to make sure that I am successful while I am away on vacation and also to make sure I am on track to reaching my goal. I know I will do it by my birthday. I am so motivated right now and I am going to bust my butt off to get there! I cant wait to get back to Alberta and get on my scale to see my progress (lol for all of you scale junkies out there you can imagine how weird this is because I do weigh myself a few times a week... sometimes a few times a day!!)